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Engaging early reading lessons for kids

Headsprout is an online reading program that teaches K-5 students critical reading fundamentals and comprehension strategies. The program's adaptive sequencing automatically adjusts its early reading instruction to meet the needs and learning pace of every student, and has been proven to work in various classroom environments across the country. Get started with Headsprout today and watch your readers grow!

With Headsprout, you can:

  • Reach every student through adaptive, research-based early reading and reading comprehension online episodes
  • Build early reading competence in phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary
  • Take a non-reader or early reader up to mid-2nd-grade reading skills in less than 30 hours of individualized instruction
  • Teach four primary components of comprehension: finding facts, making inferences, identifying themes, and learning vocabulary in context
  • Help students master skills and strategies necessary for success on standardized tests

Want to see if Headsprout is right for you? Try it for free for 14 days.

About Learning A-Z

Who We Are

Learning A-Z is a preK-6 educational resource company specializing in online delivery of leveled readers and supplementary curriculum. Learning A-Z's resources are currently used in more than half of the districts in the US/Canada and 165+ countries worldwide.

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Why Teachers Choose Us

"All of my students who have used Headsprout love it! I have seen an improvement in their reading ability as well as their attitude towards reading. With Headsprout they feel successful and are having fun at the same time!"
-Jo Ann Lisciandro, Teacher, St. Leo School, Corona, NY