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Headsprout is the perfect program to make learning to read fun for kids. Try Headsprout to see why students love its engaging delivery and built-in motivational sequences, and why parents and teachers love its progress reports and easy implementation.

What Headsprout Offers:

  • Research-based instructional content, tested and proven in real classroom environments
  • Individual adaptive episodes with group instruction implications
  • Easy to implement and use, web-based episodes and reporting accessible 24/7
  • Builds early reading competence in phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, comprehension, and vocabulary
  • Takes a non-reader or beginning reader up to mid-2nd-grade reading skills in less than 30 hours of individualized instruction
  • Teaches four primary components of comprehension: finding facts, making inferences, identifying themes, and learning vocabulary in context
  • Helps students master skills and strategies necessary to succeed on standardized tests
  • Aligned with state and international standards for English Language Arts
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