Headsprout delivers proven instruction methods to offer one comprehensive reading program for kids. See below for a collection of testimonials from satisfied teachers, parents, and administrators.

Teacher Testimonials

  • "I've been here 25 years. I've seen a lot of programs come and go. This is the only thing thus far that has worked with everybody."

    — Kathy Lavers; First/Second/Third-Grade Teacher; Scotsburn Elementary School; Scotsburn, Nova Scotia

  • "My students test scores went up this year. They really were excited with using the program. Each day they couldn’t wait to log in, and competition with their names being posted boosted their self-esteem. Thanks!"

    — Yvonne Johnson, Special Education Teacher, Paulina Elementary School, Thibodaux, LA

  • "All of my students who have used Headsprout love it! I have seen an improvement in their reading ability as well as their attitude towards reading. With Headsprout they feel successful and are having fun at the same time!"

    — Jo Ann Lisciandro, Teacher, St. Leo School, Corona, NY

  • "My students couldn’t wait to get on the computer to complete the lessons! Headsprout made a big difference for my emergent readers and strengthened their phonics and blending skills. Every child in my Kindergarten class was positively impacted. Thank you!"

    — Dotty Ewbank-Anderson, Teacher, John Hay Elementary

  • "Our students have loved Headsprout. They think they are just playing video games, when they are actually learning the basic strategies of reading. They are so excited when it’s their turn. Thanks for making a great product."

    — Amy Huter, Reading Specialist, Berlin, NH

  • "Great for my special needs students! A first grader with autism and very limited verbal communication whizzed through the program with obvious enjoyment!"

    — April Vincent, Intensive Intervention, Teacher, Asheville, NC