Headsprout Product Overview

Helping Every Child Become a Capable and Confident Reader

Building reading skills in early grades is vital for a lifetime of success. Headsprout is an online kids reading program for K-5 students that provides teachers and parents with one adaptive, individualized reading solution.

The program is designed to tailor its instruction to the needs and learning pace of every student. Its patented research-based teaching methods have been tested and verified in real classroom environments to improve kids' reading skills at various reading levels, from non-readers and early readers to established readers already reading above their grade level.

The Headsprout System

What truly sets Headsprout apart from other online reading programs is its one-of-a-kind scaffolded teaching approach that automatically adapts so every student receives the individualized practice and instruction they need. With Headsprout, kids learn to read and read to learn. Early readers interact with engaging online episodes and read printable eBooks designed to instill key reading fundamentals like phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary, and beginning comprehension. Once readers have demonstrated a solid grasp of the basics, they move on to episodes created to teach the four primary components of reading comprehension: finding facts, making inferences, identifying themes, and learning vocabulary in context.

Headsprout has been rigorously tested and is the perfect online instructional resource for schools and parents looking for an effective, adaptive, and fun kids' reading program that is easy to implement and use. Every child can become a successful reader. Headsprout is the program that will help them reach that goal.

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The progress of our Headsprout students is remarkable. One student in Tier 2 of Response to Intervention increased from 30 words per minute to 96 and is now on grade level—in just 3 months! We are excited about using the program district-wide in K-2. We know that Headsprout will fill our gap in research-based, highly-engaging, literacy interventions for young children.
-Karen Cheser, Assistant Superintendent for Learning Support Services for Boone County Schools