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Research and Insights into Headsproutís Effectiveness

Peer-Reviewed Research

Effects of a Computer-Based Early Reading Program on the Early Reading and Oral Language Skills of At-Risk Preschool Children Overview: At-risk preschool children who completed the first 40 episodes of Headsproutís early reading sequence made significantly larger gains than students who did not use the program. Read Abstract

Publication: Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk, Volume 15, Number 4, pages 279-298, 2010,

Authors: Mary Huffstetter, James R. King, Anthony J. Onwuegbuzie, Jenifer J. Schneider, Kelly A. Powell-Smith

Teaching Early Reading Skills to Children with Autism Using MimioSprout Early Reading

Overview: After 14 weeks of using Headsprout (renamed MimioSprout Early Reading from 2012-13), a group of students diagnosed with autism all made a minimum of one yearís reading growth. Read Abstract

Publication: Behavioral Interventions, Volume 28, Issue 3, pages 203-224, 2013

Authors: Corinna F. Grindle, J. Carl Hughes, Maria Saville, Kathleen Huxley, Richard P. Hastings

The Likelihood of Instructionally Beneficial, Trivial, or Negative Results for Kindergarten and First Grade Learners who Complete at least Half of Headsproutģ Early Reading

Overview: Students who completed at least half of Headsproutís 80 early reading episodes had greater improvements in reading outcomes than students who did not use the program. Read Full Study

Publication: Behavioral Technology Today, Volume 6, pages 1-19, 2011

Authors: Janet S. Twyman , T.V. Joe Lyang, Zachary R. Lyang,

Thinking Through Text Comprehension Parts I, II, and III

Overview: A series of three articles that provide an in-depth description of the theoretical foundations of Headsprout.
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Publication: The Behavior Analyst Today, Volume 12, Number 1, pages 3-30, 2011

Authors: T.V. Joe Layng, Marta Leon, Melinda Sota

Comprehension by design: Teaching young learners how to comprehend what they read

Overview: A summary of the multidisciplinary approach to the development, testing, and deployment of Headsproutís reading comprehension component. Read Abstract

Publication: Performance Improvement, Volume 50, Issue 4, pages 40-47, 2011

Authors:Authors: Marta Leon, Victoria Ford, Hirofumi Shimizu, April Heimlich Stretz, Jay Thompson, Melinda Sota, Janet S. Twyman, T. V. Joe Layng

Building the Case for Large Scale Behavioral Education Adoptions

Overview: Students from a large urban school made larger than expected gains, and applied newly taught strategies in a variety of testing environments, when using Headsproutís reading comprehension sequence as a supplement to core curriculum. Read Article

Publication: Behavior Analyst Today, Volume 13, Number 1, 2012

Authors: Zachary R. Layng , T.V. Joe Layng,

Engineering discovery learning: The contingency adduction of some precursors of textual responding in a beginning program

Overview: A detailed analysis of the scientific development of Headsproutís early reading sequence, which demonstrates the unique approach used to create Headsproutís highly engaging instructional episodes. Read Paper

Publication: The Analysis of Verbal Behavior, Volume 20, pages 99-109, 2004

Authors: T.V. Joe Layng, Janet S. Twyman , Greg Stikeleather

Book Chapters

A nonĖlinear approach to curriculum design: The role of behavior analysis in building an effective reading program

Publication: Focus on Behavior Analysis in Education, Volume 3, pages 55-68, 2004

Editor: William L. Heward

Authors: Janet S. Twyman, T. V. Joe Layng, Greg Stikeleather, Kelly A. Hobbins

Publisher: Merrill/Prentice, Upper Saddle River, NJ

Selected for success: how Headsprout Reading Basics teaches children to read

Publication: Evidence-Based Education Methods, pages 171-197, 2004

Editors: Richard W. Malott, Daniel J. Moran

Authors: T. V. Joe Layng , Janet S. Twyman, Greg Stikeleather

Publisher: Elsevier Science/Academic Press, St. Louis, MO

Scientific formative evaluation: The role of individual learners in generating and predicting successful educational outcomes

Publication: The Scientific Basis of Educational Productivity, pages 29-44, 2006

Editors: Rena F. Subotnik, Hebert J. Walberg

Authors: T.V. Joe Layng, Greg Stikeleather, Janet S. Twyman

Publisher: Information Age Publishing, Greenwich, CT

Product Update:

Learning A-Z has merged Headsproutís two elementary reading products ó Headsprout Early Reading and Headsprout Reading Comprehension ó into one adaptive, effective, and fun K-5 online reading program. From introducing early readers to key reading fundamentals to growing reading comprehension skills for more established readers, Headsprout is the perfect resource to help children become capable and confident readers.