Do Something Amazing!

With UNICEF Kid Power®, students can unlock life-saving donations to help communities and families in need.

Learning A-Z has partnered with UNICEF Kid Power to empower and incentivize young readers to actively support families and communities in need.

In 2020, students throughout the United States participated in the Learning A-Z/UNICEF Kid Power donation program, donating more than half a billion stars and delivering almost 90,000 healthy meals to hungry families. In addition, teachers observed a 10% increase in the average number of books read by students during that time period. This year, students around the globe will have the opportunity to help others by learning.

From March 5 to April 30, 2021, Learning A-Z students everywhere will be able to donate stars to help others, until we reach our goal of 100,000 total donations.

In the United States, Learning A-Z students can donate healthy meals to hungry U.S. families:

  • 1 Donation of 8,000 stars = 1 meal
  • 1 Donation of 20,000 stars = 1 mega meal (i.e. 3 meals)

Throughout the world, Learning A-Z students outside the U.S. can donate clean drinking water to families and communities that need it most around the globe.

  • 1 Donation of 8,000 stars = 10 days of clean drinking water
  • 1 Donation of 20,000 stars = 1 month of clean drinking water
    *Mega (and month) donations are only available to students who use the "intermediate" student portal. This setting can be edited in the Classroom Roster.

New this year: a classroom challenge!

The classroom donating the most stars will be awarded with the opportunity to co-author a book for Learning A-Z. We’ll publish the book by the winning classroom and share it with the 11 million students we serve around the world. Don’t worry, we’re making this opportunity as easy as possible for you by providing you with everything you’ll need. The winning classroom will be announced after the close of the program, and the co-authored book will be released in the fall of 2021. Visit this page to learn more and download a useful donation program deployment kit for your classroom.

We’ve seen how powerfully this program shows students that anyone can help others and motivates them to read more and do more. Use the program to achieve your goals for your students during this time. For instance, fire up their motivation to:

  • Read more books
  • Complete more assignments and finish more tasks and activities
  • Level Up! For example, a student who levels up from A to B can accrue upwards of 4,000 stars, without you creating assignments for them.

The possibilities are endless. Have fun and let us know how your students are doing by tagging us on social media and using the hashtags #LearningAtoZ and #UNICEFKidPower. We’re looking forward to reading about your success!