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Headsprout Reading Comprehension Overview

Can your students read but still have trouble with comprehension? Headsprout Reading Comprehension provides students in grades 3-5 with the ability to comprehend what they read, to demonstrate that understanding across the different subjects in school, and to demonstrate those skills on standardized tests!

Headsprout Reading Comprehension includes:

  • 50, 30-minute online lessons which teach students strategies to master the four main components of comprehension:
    • Finding facts
    • Making inferences
    • Identifying themes and the “main idea”
    • Learning vocabulary in context
      Makes learning new vocabulary fast and easy with our proprietary vocabulary acquisition system.
  • Individualized, adaptive instruction, not just practice answering questions, as students are actually taught how to comprehend and the reason for learning comprehension.
  • Increasing passage complexity as the program progresses to include more complex sentences and longer passages, more answer choices and more variation in questions.
  • Passages and vocabulary that teach a variety of subjects and include: tables of contents, headings, maps, and measurement: scales, rulers and charts.
  • Automated progress reports that show how your students are doing in the program.

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