Get Students Started

The Roster page makes it easy to create student accounts, send messages, and manage activity for all your Learning A-Z subscriptions. Use the Roster page to customize passwords, incentives, groups, and more for students.

Add Students to Your Roster

Create a roster when you first log in to benefit from product features and ensure students get the most from their personalized learning environment.

  • Student passwords may be assigned using an icon or text.
  • Groups allow you to organize students according to skill level, interest, or project.
  • Incentives can be turned on or off. Students use them to customize their Raz Rocket or Avatar Builder.

Student Placement

Headsprout's online Placement Test identifies an appropriate episode for a student to begin the program, depending on their reading ability. A paper-based version of the test is also available.

Share Kids A-Z Login Instructions with Students and Their Caregivers

  • Download the personalized Student Login Cards and share with students so they can log into the Kids A-Z student portal using their username and password, in class or at home. Get to Know the Student Portal
  • Download the Letter to Parents to get parents and caregivers started using Learning A-Z products at home. The letter is offered in multiple languages and introduces Learning A-Z products available to students, explains student login instructions, and instructs parents and caregivers how they can receive progress reports via email.