Efficacy and Research

Research and Reviews of Headsprout in Classroom Environments

Headsprout’s innovative reading program for kids has been proven effective in various research studies and reviews conducted in numerous classroom settings throughout the country. It has been shown to improve test scores, engage disinterested or struggling students, and help ELL and special needs students learn to read.

St. Anthony’s School, Milwaukee, WI

Find out how the Headsprout reading program increased the literacy rate at St. Anthony’s School in Milwaukee, Wisconsin by 49 percent.
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Anna R. Langford Community Academy, Chicago, IL

Learn how Headsprout helped boost test scores at Anna R. Langford Academy, a K-8 public elementary school situated on the south side of Chicago, Illinois.
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Cedar Rapids Community School District, IA

Read how Headsprout provided Cedar Rapids School District teachers with tiered intervention support when its students required extra instruction.
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Cole Elementary School, Nashville, TN

Cole Elementary saw a “shocking” increase in the reading proficiency rates of its kindergartners and first graders after using Headsprout in its classrooms.
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Rieck Avenue Elementary School, Millville, NJ

Headsprout built student reading comprehension skills in measurable ways at Rieck Avenue Elementary School in Millville, New Jersey.
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David Gregory School, Paramus, NJ

At David Gregory School in Paramus, New Jersey, children with autism loved Headsprout's adaptive teaching methodology.
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Metro Nashville, TN

Headsprout was selected by Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) to strengthen its student’s fundamental reading and critical-thinking skills.
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Headsprout Peer Reviews

Headsprout’s innovative approach to K-5 reading instruction has been featured in numerous peer reviews and educational publications.
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Headsprout Proven Effective with Early Readers

Designed to teach the foundational skills, Headsprout creatively captured the attention of young readers through engaging, interactive episodes.
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Headsprout Ensures Reading Success for a Wide Variety of Learners

Find out how Headsprout’s rigorous development and user-tested process ensures reading success across a variety of learners, including ELL students.
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