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Digital Resource Tools and Features for Students to Support Literacy and Learning

Students in your class can access award-winning digital content through Kids A-Z, Learning A-Z's eLearning and online student management portal, which delivers the digital versions of various Learning A-Z products, including Raz-Plus, Raz-Kids, Science A-Z, and Headsprout, anywhere your students have an Internet connection.

Provide Content and Reading Comprehension Practice Online:

Listen versions contain continuous-play audio and follow-along, highlighted text

Read versions contain features that enable students to record and listen to their oral reading

eQuizzes determine whether students understood the content they read through multiple choice or constructed response questions

Sample Quiz
Sample Answer Key
Sample Rubric

Constructed response quiz questions (Raz-Plus, Raz-Kids, and Science A-Z) give students the opportunity to type a short-answer response to a question. These questions promote close reading and critical thinking skills, and strengthen the reading-writing connection. Answers to these questions are submitted to the teacher's In-Basket on Kids A-Z for grading using an online rubric.

Digital tools and features that accompany eBooks and other electronic student resources are designed to help students read closely and focus on the essential understandings of a text. Teachers can model how to use these tools and features for students using books they can access with their teacher accounts.

Allow students to practice active reading while exploring content:

Sample eBook with tools to record audio, highlight text, draw, add stamps and notes to the book, and open the eJournal
  • Tools for note-taking, drawing, highlighting, and stamping make it easy for students to annotate as they read, which supports active reading practices for better comprehension
  • Individual Word Audio playback reads individual words aloud to students to support phonics and fluency development in Raz-Plus, Raz-Kids, and Science A-Z
  • The eJournal gives students a place to explore new words and expand or improve their vocabulary through writing.
  • Vocabulary Cards provide additional information and context about key vocabulary words in a text

With an emphasis on literacy and learning, these tools and features further enhance students' online experience while promoting important 21st century skills and content standards.

Seamlessly connect your classroom instruction with students' use of online resources by monitoring Activity Reports that show student progress on Kids A-Z. Review student scores on assessments to identify gaps in understanding and to target content or skills that need to be retaught.

Look for updates to the Kids A-Z mobile app as additional tools and features become available for Raz-Plus, Raz-Kids and Science A-Z resources.