Tested And Verified In Real Classroom Environments

Proven Results for Early Reading and Reading Comprehension

Headsproutís online reading instruction has been rigorously tested in classroom settings across the country and has received favorable reviews from respected organizations like the Florida Center for Reading Research. Headsproutís scaffolded instruction has been proven to improve kidsí reading skills and boost test scores for students of various backgrounds and reading levels. It has been shown to assist the growth of English Language Learners, improve reading comprehension skills, and enhance reading fluency.

Dozens of field studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of Headsprout. One study of 4th grade reading growth showed schools that used Headsprout made over seven times the gains as the schools that did not.

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In sum, the content and design of Headsprout Early Reading reflect scientific research with an abundance of instructional strategies in phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehensionÖ Weaknesses Noted: None.
-Florida Center for Reading Research