Headsprout Student Assessments

Benchmark Passages and the Headsprout Placement Tool Help Determine Student Skill Level

Placement Tool

Prior to starting the Headsprout reading program, an online or downloadable placement tool is used to determine each student's ideal starting point within the program. Students are placed at the appropriate stage within the program to begin their individual adaptive instruction.

Benchmark Passages

Benchmark Passages are administered to students at various stages in the Headsprout reading program. The passages ensure students have a firm grasp on the skills covered in the program and are able to transfer these skills to reading new and unfamiliar texts. Each Benchmark Passage can be completed at the computer or on the Kids A-Z mobile app.

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When your 6-year-old tells you, I love Headsprout because it teaches me, you know you really have a strong program. I have been home schooling my two children for about 13 years and Headsprout is what I have always been searching for. It is the rare exception to find a curriculum that actually breaks down the instruction so that the student can absorb the lesson and learn. The progress our daughter made with Headsprout is impressive.
- Lisa Trejo, Parent of a 6-year old