Adaptive Individualized Reading Instruction

Custom Online Reading Episodes Designed to Teach Kids to Read

The Headsprout reading program was developed to adapt to the individual needs and learning pace of every student. Each online episode is designed to adjust Headsprout's delivery method to maximize every studentís learning. The program uses a sophisticated error pattern analysis that ensures each learner meets the same exact criterion for every exercise. Built-in progress reports and assessments allow teachers and parents to quickly track progress through the program and assess each studentís strengths and weaknesses.

Experience Headsprout

This will be my fourteenth year teaching elementary school...The Headsprout program reacts to learners as I would if I were interacting with them: praising, encouraging, modeling, setting goals, recognizing accomplishments, repeating difficult items, and taking frequent short breaks. Bravo!
-Rebecca Foxworth, Reading Teacher, Manteca Unified School District, Manteca, CA