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Headsprout Early Reading is a K-2 supplemental program that ensures reading success for every child. The program takes a non-reader or beginning reader up to mid-2nd Grade reading skills in less than 30 hours of individualized online instruction.

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Space World episodes 1-5

Introduces the basic concepts of reading: sounds make words, words make sentences, and sentences make stories.

Phonetic Elements Taught an, ee, n, s, v

Flashcards after episode 5
Words Taught San, see, the, van, Vee

Dino World episodes 6-11

Reinforces previously taught sounds and words, and introduces new sounds and words. Emphasizes hearing words sounded out and then blended, and firms word and story reading.

Phonetic Elements Taught c, cl, cr, f, fl, fr, l, r, sl, sn

Flashcards after episode 11
Words Taught can, fan, feels, Fran, Lee, ran

Sea World episodes 12-18

Reinforces general concepts and basic skills of reading, and introduces sounding out strategies.

Phonetic Elements Taught and, ip, p, pl, pr, sp

Flashcards after episode 18
Words Taught and, Clee, feel, flips, I, out, Pip, plan, reef, sand, sleeps

Sea World episodes 19-23

Continues the reading concepts of earlier episodes; increases complexity in language and content.

Phonetic Elements Taught ish, out, sh

Flashcards after episode 23
Words Taught fish, sheep, ship, shouts

Jungle World episodes 24-30

Introduces new sounds and more complex words as children practice the basic concepts and strategies of reading.

Phonetic Elements Taught h, ing, old, sw, w

Flashcards after episode 30
Words Taught cold, fling, folds, hand, hands, his, holds, is, old, peel, Scout, swing, wing, wings

Jungle World episodes 31-40

Continues to practice the basic concepts and strategies of reading, but with new and more complex yet common words. Some of the common words children learn are abstract (words such as "should", "could", and "would"), and the episodes include longer stories.

Phonetic Elements Taught er, st, t, tr

Flashcards after episode 40
Words Taught could, feet, he, her, hold, plant, she, should, sing, standing, sting, sweep, sweet, told, tree, Trish, wish, would

Jungle World episodes 41-47

Quickens the pace and increases the sounds and vocabulary words learned. Children work with compound and nonsense words, and they experience a greater emphasis on comprehension.

Phonetic Elements Taught ake, b, bl, br, d, dr, ike, k, m

Flashcards after episode 47
Words Taught a, bake, Blake, blank, bringing, brings, cakes, dish, drank, flake, flipper, hike, lake, like, likes, makes, Mike, needs, pan, pancakes, seek, slips, some, Swish, take, takes

Dino World episodes 48-56

Continues to work with compound and nonsense words, with a greater emphasis on comprehension.

Phonetic Elements Taught ay, g, gr, ill, im, in, j, oo (good), oo (soon), or, th, thr, um, z

Flashcards after episode 51
Flashcards after episode 56
Words Taught about, are, book, come, cooking, drink, food, foot, for, good, grand, in, Jill, jump, jumps, long, look, looks, may, moon, noon, on, one, play, playing, said, sang, sank, soon, soon, spoon, three, thump, Tim, too, took, tool, two, wants, wood, word, work, you, zoom

Sea World episodes 57-66

Increases the sounds, words, and stories read; poetry and factual texts are introduced. Children experience more challenging comprehension and critical thinking activities, and their passage reading skill is greatly extended.

Phonetic Elements Taught ad, at, ate, ed, el, en, et, id, ide, ig, it, ot, ox, str, up, us, ut

Flashcards after episode 61
Flashcards after episode 66
Words Taught again, band, better, big, box, but, butter, cups, did, digging, Dipper, do, drums, dust, felt, fit, fox, go, got, guitar, has, hat, have, help, here, hid, hide, hides, hoop, horn, hot, Jingles, lid, little, looked, me, more, must, no, not, okay, pig, plate, played, please, pouted, problem, rid, ride, sad, sat, seen, shell, sick, sink, sit, sitting, skate, Spike, spin, Strummer, supper, talking, thank, that, there, think, tied, to, triangle, wanted, we, went, what, where, who, with

Space World episodes 67-80

Continues to extend challenging comprehension and critical thinking activities, and passage reading skill is greatly extended.

Phonetic Elements Taught ace, ack, ai, all, am, ame, ar, as, ch, ea, em, es, est, ew, ex, ick, ife, igh, ime, ind, ine, ir, ire, ix, kn, ock, og, ou, ow (how), ow (snow), qu, spr, uck, ug, un, wh, y

Flashcards after episode 70
Flashcards after episode 74
Flashcards after episode 77
Flashcards after episode 80
Words Taught almost, am, aren't, asked, away, back, balls, be, beans, because, become, Bernadette, bigger, biggest, bird, blow, blue, brown, Bug, buildings, bus, cannot, card, cards, catch, cheese, color, cookie, count, cow, crow, dime, Diner, Dipper's, dirt, does, dogs, down, duck, each, eat, falls, far, find, fins, first, five, flower, fly, four, fourth, friend, friends, from, game, get, give, glow, going, green, ground, grow, Gus, hard, hasn't, hello, high, home, how, I'd, I'll, I'm, ice, important, isn't, jack, job, jungle, kind, knock, know, la la la, leaf, learned, leaves, let, life, line, live, lot, low, lucky, magnifying glass, Mars, might, mine, most, much, my, name, new, next, night, of, orange, other, people, pick, planet, possibly, pot, probably, put, putting, quack, quick, rain, rainbow, read, reader, saw, say, sea, seed, seven, she's, six, sky, small, snow, so, space, Sprout, star, start, story, sun, swim, tall, tell, terrific, than, that's, their, them, they, throw, throwing, time, tired, today, town, tricks, tunes, us, use, very, was, water, watered, we're, weather, were, wet, when, whew, who's, why, wonder, words, worked, worm, wow, write, years, yellow, yes, Zog's