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Headsprout has partnered with schools in all 50 states to help administrators and teachers achieve positive outcomes. Let us partner with you to help your district succeed!

We are dedicated to providing all of our teachers with the most effective resources available in education. When I was first introduced to Headsprout Early Reading I was skeptical of their Guarantee. After a few years of investigation and research of their company, I am convinced that Headsprout may have the long-term solution for eliminating illiteracy in our community by building the skills and strategies in those early grades that are so essential to life-long learning,” said Dr. Greg Firn, Superintendent of Anson County Schools. “According to virtually all research that I can find, strong reading skills in children before they hit third grade is the best way to give all children a chance for a successful school career and be a contributor to society.”

The progress of our Headsprout students is remarkable”, said Karen Cheser, Assistant Superintendent for Learning Support Services for Boone Co. Schools. “One student in Tier 2 of Response to Intervention increased from 30 words per minute to 96 and is now on grade level — in just 3 months! We are excited about using the program district-wide in K-2. We know that Headsprout will fill our gap in research-based, highly-engaging, literacy interventions for young children.”

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  • How will I pay for this?

    Districts have purchased Headsprout with funds from:

    • ARRA stimulus funds
    • Title I
      Grants to LEAs
      Supplemental Educational Services (SES)
      School Improvement Grants
    • Title II D
      Special Education — IDEA
      Early Intervening Services, RTI
    • Title IV
      21st Century Community
      Learning Centers (CLCs)
    • PTA assistance
    • Title 5 technology innovation funds
    • ELL funds
  • Headsprout Meets
    Title I Criteria

    • Balanced, phonics-based online reading instruction
    • Individualized, adaptive instruction for each student
    • Formative assessments and online performance reports
    • Easy to implement, minimal professional development required
    • Research-based, meets NCLB requirements
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