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In 80 episodes, your students will go from being non-readers to reading at a mid-2nd grade level!

The highly interactive, animated lessons keep kids engaged and excited about learning to read while the adaptive software automatically adjusts to just what each child needs. If your student doesn’t understand the first time, the adaptive software adjusts to each student’s needs. Through sophisticated error pattern analysis and adaptation, the program ensures that each student meets the same exit criterion for each exercise.

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  • From Episode 2

    Your students are taught to hear a sound, and then select the correct letters (phonetic element). Make sure you see all three activities: hearing & seeing the sound & letters together, clicking on the letters representing the sounds, and picking out the letters (phonetic element) from other letters.


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  • From Episode 10

    Your students are taught to say the sounds that go with each phonetic element, and are then taught to say the sounds that they blend into recognizable words. This is a critical strategy for sounding-out words. After saying the word out loud, be sure to click on the character that said the word like you did!

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  • From Episode 30

    Your students begin to read sentences and perform basic comprehension tasks as early as Episode 5. Within about 10 hours of instruction, your students will be independently reading stories like this and answering questions about characters he or she has come to know in the program.

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  • From Episode 42

    Early in the second half of the program, your students begin to use their reading and comprehension skills to build meaningful sentences, and to express the meaning they see in pictures. Don’t exit this activity too early: be sure to see both types of activities in this example.


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  • From Episode 53

    Your students are introduced to some of the types of comprehension exercises found on many of the standard reading tests they will encounter in a typical school year. In this example, your students are introduced to how to think about this kind of question. In later exercises, they answer completely on their own. Feel free to make some errors!

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  • From Episode 72

    After about 25 hours of instruction, your students will be reading long passages and can successfully answer comprehension exercises like those found in this example. Your students will now be only 8 episodes away from reading ‘What Lives in the Sea?’!

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