Reading Test

Take the Headsprout Reading Test!

Have your child take the reading test if he or she has already started to learn to read. The test will tell you which online program is right for your child.

1. Download this scoring sheet

You will track how far your learner can read in two minutes.

Download >

2. Download this story for your learner to read

This book is the level at which your child will be able to read at the end of Headsprout Early Reading!

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3. Determine how many words your learner read correctly and match to the chart on the scoring sheet.

After the test, click here for the story in book form for your learner to keep and read!

If your child does not know how to read, Headsprout Early Reading is the perfect place to start. All your child needs to know is how to follow movement on a computer screen. We even have an introductory episode on how to use a mouse – the only other skill they will need!

  • Success!

    “Awesome, awesome, awesome!!!! What a great experience we’ve had with Headsprout! My son is now able to tackle many more words and has the confidence and the persistence to stick with it! I'm very pleased with our results. Thanks again for such a rewarding program where kids truly can be successful and have a great time in the process!!!”

  • Enjoy the book “What Lives in the Sea?”

    The book you can download from this page is the last book in the Headsprout Early Reading series. Your learner will be able to read this book after completing all 80 episodes of Headsprout Early Reading, setting them up for success with Headsprout Reading Comprehension!

    Download >

  • Our Mission.
    Our Results.

    Headsprout wants every child to be a capable, confident reader! We have developed a patented, adaptive instructional process to ensure every child learns.

    “In sum, the content and design of Headsprout Early Reading reflect scientific research with an abundance of instructional strategies in phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension… Weaknesses Noted: None.”

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