Students achieve success with Headsprout’s
research-based instruction!

Headsprout draws upon state-of-the-art learning sciences research, principles, practices, and years of experience to teach each comprehending type to young learners based upon our systematic analysis.

We test/revise/retest each segment, lesson, and lesson group with children, one at a time, until the instruction is demonstrated effective for each learner, whether it be a high performing or a struggling child.

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  • Case Studies

    A series of brief reports and case studies documenting the effects of Headsprout. Comparison group, individual control, and multi-year studies document substantial reading outcomes for students using Headsprout. See the results

  • White Paper

    Research by the founding scientists behind Headsprout! Selected for Success: How Headsprout Reading Basics Teaches Beginning Reading. Empirically Supported Educational Methods, D. J. Moran & R. Malott (Eds).

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  • Robust Scores for Students with Special Needs

    Students with special needs (ELL, intervention, dyslexia, ADHD, mild autism and other special needs students) have completed Headsprout Early Reading with over 90% correct in the program, while progressing to the outcomes desired.

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  • Success!

    “In sum, the content and design of Headsprout Early Reading reflect scientific research with an abundance of instructional strategies in phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension…”

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