Our Mission

Headsprout’s mission is to be a major force in helping eliminate illiteracy in young children around the world.

About Us

We help children master essential academic skills with fun, interactive learning programs that work. Headsprout offers Early Reading — an animated, online reading program that takes a non-reader to mid 2nd grade level in 80 lessons, and Reading Comprehension — an online program that ensures grade 3-5 reading comprehension for every learner in 50 interactive episodes. Part of the development for all Headsprout programs is rigorous testing with a wide range of children to ensure effectiveness with all learners.

Our History

Based in Seattle, Washington, Headsprout was founded in June 1999 by Greg Stikeleather, Drs. Joe Layng, Kent Johnson, and Edward L. Anderson — people who have spent the last 20 years improving education for young children. Their idea: to teach reading and other fundamental academic skills by deploying Headsprout’s proven, patented Sprout Learning™ technology via the Internet, for use in schools, homes, learning centers — wherever learning takes place.